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The term “Orange Pekoe” can be a little misleading, as it is neither orange in taste or appearance, but instead indicates that it is consists of whole black tea leaves left relatively intact and undamaged during the picking process, unlike many other grades which are broken up or ground to make teabags. 


We thought that these unbroken leaves made a perfect analogy for Peter’s endless youth and optimism, never to be shattered by the disillusionment of adulthood. 


Our Pekoe Pan loose leaf tea blend is a black tea with tones of vanilla. It's as bold as Pan himself, yet exotic and childlike as a trip to Neverland. 


Ingredients: Black Tea, N&A Vanilla Flavor. 

Soaring High Caffeine

Contains 2 oz (56g tea) = 22 cups 2 oz (56g tea) = 22 cups

Pekoe Pan Loose Leaf Tea

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