Janecraft Glitter Hard Enamel Pin

EXCLUSIVE, ORIGINAL PEMBERTEA DESIGN - Its the legend of Jane Austen come to the World of Minecraft transforming it into Janecraft! Our fun lil pin has glitter in the background and the name and is sure to bring a smile to anyone that sees it.

Measurements: 33mm x 40mm
Backing Clutch: Black, rubber clutch
Enamel Colors: silver and white glitter, white, pink, silver metal
Metal Plating: silver metal
Enamel Pin Type: Hard Enamel
- Pembertea name and website on back in metal plating color
- Comes individually poly bag packaged on Pembertea backing card
- Photography props and backdrops not included


SOFT ENAMEL: Enamel paint is put into the bowls of the metal and then baked until hard. If you run your fingertip over the top, you can feel the metal ridges of the pin. Soft enamel pins can be made faster and are generally less expensive than hard enamel pins.

HARD ENAMEL: Each color paint is put into the individual bowls and baked one color at a time. When the pin’s colorization is complete, the entire piece is lightly sanded down to give it a flat, surface that is smooth to the touch. Hard enamel pins are more labor intensive, but give a more finished appearance. All Pembertea Exclusive pins are created through this process in order to assure a long lasting, quality purchase.


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Janecraft Glitter Hard Enamel Pin